Vanessa La Rose - Founder & Creative Director

I founded Venus Island, with one goal in mind: to provide quality jewellery and carnival accessories inspired by the cultures of Africa & the Caribbean.  My love & passion for creativity has meant my pieces have been requested all over the world. 

Everything I create is made in-house. I use a graphics package to design whatever is it i want to create, in a language my laser cutting machine can understand. Once cut, each piece is hand finished (painted, glossed, beaded, findings attached etc). Et voila

I offer a custom made service for individuals wanting something unique - just for them. Made the Venus Island way.

P.S:  The name; 'Venus' Island was chosen as it fused my name; 'Vanessa' and the Greek goddess 'Venus' who was known as the Goddess of love and beauty.  The 'Island' part was added to represent us as 'Island people'.



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